Garanoir Red Wine Cask Finish
The distinctive finishing process of this Deanston single malt unfolds through a choreographed sequence of steps. Capitalising on the unique advantages of petite containers, we employed our inaugural 5-litre cask crafted from Ukrainian oak, achieving a swift and pronounced influence on the whisky, thanks to its intimate wood-to-liquid ratio. This singular method expedites the finishing process and bestows a character and depth that are efficiently realised within a condensed timeframe compared to traditional casks.

This exclusive bottling was explicitly crafted to complement the launch of J. Miguel Ferreira's latest book, "Spirit of Spirits: A Journey Through Scotland's Whisky  available for purchase exclusively from:

La Cave des Poètes
+41 22 303 07 03 www.lacavedespoetes.ch

Humagne Red Wine Cask Finish
Our second release takes shape in our petite 5-litre cask crafted from French oak, infused with the essence of Humagne Red Wine from Switzerland's Valais region. This robust wine imparts bold tannin notes and ripe red fruit nuances, complementing the finesse of the 11-year-old Linkwood Cask Strength. Originating in Scotland, this whisky matured in a first-fill Bourbon cask before finding its finish in our dunnage warehouse.
We keep following its journey.

Malvoisie White Wine Cask Finish
Introducing our third cask, a recent addition from Tonnellerie Allary in France. This 10-litre cask, crafted from French oak, has just received a filling of Malvoisie White Wine—a sweet nectar from the Valais Region in Switzerland. This brand-new cask begins its extended journey of stave-wetting, unfolding over several months. Subsequently, it will embark on a long expedition, contributing to the finishing touches of a 10-year-old Glencadam single malt previously matured in a first-fill Bourbon cask. We tag along on the maiden voyage of this cask with great expectations.
Diolinoir Red Wine Cask Finish
A warm welcome to our fourth cask—a 10-litre made of French oak, also from Tonnellerie Allary in France. Recently filled with Diolinoir Red Wine from Geneva's Domaine des Esserts. The cask now rests in our warehouse, absorbing the robust flavours of this indigenous red wine. We're excited to see how it will complement the well-known Scottish single malt from Ardnamurchan Distillery on the eponymous peninsula, previously matured in a first-fill Bourbon cask.

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