Single Malt Whisky
Bottlers of Geneva

Independent. Unassuming.  Unswerving.

Passion & Patience

How We Work

Drawing inspiration from the traditions of independent bottlers, we aspire to add a personal touch to already exceptional spirits from distilleries that command our utmost respect. Our enthusiasm for whisky is matched only by our deep appreciation for history. Despite our modest bottling output, we seek to highlight the often-overlooked connection between Scotch whisky and Geneva.

As a small enterprise, we lack the resources to procure large, pre-filled casks directly from distilleries or cask brokers. Instead, we opt for a more hands-on approach. We acquire our own diminutive casks, carefully fill them with selected libations, and embark on a journey of finishing previously matured whisky in these bespoke casks. Our goal is to impart a fresh array of flavours, providing a unique and nuanced experience for whisky enthusiasts.