Our motivation goes beyond mere financial gains.

At Muse Malts, we don't solely bottle single malt whisky; we invest unwavering effort, time, and resources to ensure the highest possible quality.

In the spirit of transparency, the production cost for our limited editions of 15 to 20 bottles, each ranging from 20cl to 50cl, is substantial. This includes expenses for the cask, wine bottles, whisky bottles, excise and customs taxes, glass bottles, and even labels. The investment is notably higher than the standard 70cl bottle of single malt whisky in the market.

While the cost may be elevated, our commitment to quality sets us apart. Unlike typical average-quality 70cl bottles, our creations boast at least 46% ABV, avoid chill-filtration, and contain no added caramel colour.

Our small, exclusive batches are limited in number and are available through a specialist merchant in downtown Geneva, La Cave des Poètes. If you are intrigued by the allure of acquiring a genuinely one-of-a-kind bottle, we invite you to get in touch.

Thank you for considering Muse Malts – where quality and uniqueness converge in every sip!